Exceeding Client Expectations during COVID-19

IP Departments at Fortune 500s and Russell 3000s rely on us to provide clear, valuable, and results-focused advice. Download our whitepaper and see why.

We mean it when we say we save client time and money. And here's the data to prove it.

Our firm implemented process automation for Information Disclosure Statement (IDS) for a Fortune 500 client and collected data on time spent, the number of filings per day, and cost savings over a 6 month period. These were the results.


Time for average process dropped from 65 minutes to 14 minutes


Cost to client dropped from $450 to $150 for each average process


Number of average filings increased from 3.2 filings/day to 5.4 filings/day

Our attorneys are team members you can rely on

Our goal is to deliver results. We do this by understanding your business and becoming a valuable team member.

We send regular caselaw updates, offer pro-active recommendations, keep on top of the latest trends, and stay informed in your industry.

We never consider any advice to be routine. Rather, we look at your specific situation and and apply our knowledge and experience to your unique fact pattern, every time.

Legal Tech

Corporate legal departments adopt the latest improvements and we do the same by integrating the best legal tech from process improvements to billing to maximize efficiency and value.


We have specialized knowledge not just in our scientific domain, but also in areas that impact your core business. We have the ability to handle any patent issues that might confront our clients.


We return calls. Timeliness, high-quality, and full commitment to client needs are our top priorities. We take decision action, provide pro-active advice, and always pick up the phone.

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